Monday, May 26, 2008

Friday before Memorial weekend!

Floyd is getting us loaded up (Do you think we can get anymore ATV's on that trailor?)
We are ready to go, headed up to Saxon Harbor. Near the Wisconsin and Michigan border.
Hurley Wisconsin is holding its Anual "Atv Rally" They were expecting over 500 riders to attend. But with rising gas prices reaching $4.15, not alot of Holiday Travelers.

Alex popping pop corn on our lovely, little stove. I thought it was cute.

We are dirty and lovin' it!

Getting Dirty!

On one of the more adventurous trails we ran into alot of Mud. Alex got hung up on a rock or rut in the mud. Dad was more than happy to pull her out.
I guess Lindsey had to test the waters. Lindsey is my riding partner, we didn't get stuck once.
Hookin' up!
These toys aren't just made for boys!

Memorial Weekend!

Good Morning!
I love to widdle!
Don't really want to wake up!
How do you like my tan? It's alot of dirt!
The end of a great weekend!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Vollyball Party

Pizza Party to end the Vollyball Season for Lindsey.

Allison & Will
Allison, Amber, Bree, & Lindsey
These four girls are a trip always a good time with them