Sunday, July 6, 2008

More Water Fun

What a awesome weekend! Its getting harder and harder to get the family all together.
So when we DO get all together, we sure do make lots of plans. On the weekends Liz works at walmart, and Alex works two jobs. One is housekeeping for the one and only motel we have in town, and the other is for the DNR "Clean Boats - Clean Water" working with boaters to protect the water in our lakes. So we plan our weekens around their schedules. Which is sometimes hard to do. But this weekend was so packed with plans we are really wiped out.

As you can see we are trying to relax. The water is perfect especially on a hot day!

(Which it was perfect weather this weekend)


The 4th Weekend

The girls are awesome to watch Slalom, they are realy good.

Alex is really leaning and spraying
Liz says she's getting old, she's only going to be 20. She also does great on the skis
Wasn't it a beautiful night?