Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor day weekend

School Daze!
Alex did get stuck but managed to get in the water to wiggle herself out, Lindsey had to of course get her pants wet too. Lovin' it. Later this month we will have some great fall colors, our mornings have been in the 40's and the day get's to 60's. Fall is fastly approaching us
Scott & Alex on our Labor Day weekend. We went on a trail ride. It was alot of fun, Floyd found a little mud hole to drive through, Alex got stuck, the rest of us made it through. It was alot of fun. We took a picnic and on the way back stopped through a little town and enjoyed a ice crem cone. It was a great time. Wish we had family near to enjoy this with. Miss you guys too!


Poppy said...

Looks like a fun time! Wish we lived closer. Who is that boy? Tell him he is too close to Alex and needs to step away from the girl! I think Alex wanted to get stuck, it is more fun and adds to the story.

Miss you all